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Facility Maintenance

Streamline routine repairs and coordinate quarterly preventative maintenance to ensure building systems operate efficiently and smoothly.

Residential Construction

Have a plan? We can help you build a customized and energy efficient home that is unique, affordable and fits your needs.

Commercial Construction

New design or remodel…CMC is a commercial leader by cultivating building innovations to foster improved business environments and solutions.

Contracting Solutions

  • Deliver new ideas to your scope of work.
  • Solutions that are results driven.
  • Define problems for cost-effective outcome.
  • Service oriented…construction minded!

Salt Lake Construction is your Go-To source for Everything Construction. We are a full service commercial and residential Utah contracting company ready to turn your virtual project into a reality.
100% Satisfaction & Quality Guarantee Is Our Goal!
  • Customer-Focused
  • Open to ideas /Out of the Box thinking
  • Support Local Suppliers
  • Service Relationships
  • Modern and beautiful structures
  • Licensed, Insured, 30 years – experience

More About Us


Who we are

Salt Lake Construction was founded in 1988 and for years has provided quality building services to the greater Ogden area. We have tackled one tough challenge after another from new construction to extensive remodeling and renovation. We have erected prefabricated steel buildings all across the country.

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Why choose us

Our smart solutions to any industry obstacle will help you through even the most difficult project. We are here to help you obtain your goal.

  • Pre-construction Services
  • Contract Consulting
  • Energy Efficiency / Going Green
  • Maximize your savings
  • Stress free results

Our experience

Development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years
Marketing - 2 years

Utah Contracting

Salt Lake Construction

We are Salt Lake Construction

Quality Workmanship and Friendly Service Since 1988

For 30 years we have built a reputation of quality and service. We are among the best of Utah General Contractors to provide the community with high standards and outstanding customer service. We value your 100% satisfaction and guarantee your future return.

Salt Lake Construction established in 1988. We’ve had over 90 satisfied clients that come back year after year.

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Our high standards of workmanship and service are unsurpassed



Our keen-eyed detail to contracting enables accountability and rectitude throughout the construction process.



We have what it takes to transform your structural needs with the latest industry solutions to meet new requirements and to improve your bottom line.



We take your and our safety seriously and uphold all OSHA regulations.

Facility Services

We provide comprehensive facility maintenance which includes space and infrastructure renovation for your changing needs.
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Soft Services

  • Efficient and effective maintenance plans
  • Project Management coordination
  • Environmental stewardship and sustainability
  • Operations and Maintenance

Hard Services

  • Focus on work space
  • Construction Renovation
  • Facility Innovations
  • Demo / Restorative
  • Planning and Design
  • Higher productivity

Our Expertise

Quality Workmanship and Friendly Service Since 1988

Check Out Our Services!

Technology requires knowledge and expertise more than it requires money.

Salt Lake Construction offers a diversity of services. We are well known throughout the Wasatch Front and throughout Utah General Contractors for the following services.

Residential Construction

Our premier home services accommodate any homeowners needs. Our desire is helping you make your house into a home.

Commercial Construction

We are your Go-To source for Everything Construction. Corey’s reputation for Utah’s Metal buildings, concrete placement and concrete removal is unmatched, just to name a few. Let us prove why we’re Utah Contracting.

Large Scale Home Services

  • New Home Construction
  • Home Remodeling
  • Work with any budget
  • Client involvement
  • Residential Experts

Heavy Construction

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Design Build / Steel Bldg
  • Horticultural Bldg / Retail
  • Building Add-ons

Light Construction

  • Utility Services
  • Gas station remodel
  • School Maintenance

Soft Scale Home Services

  • Home Patio’s
  • Detached Garages
  • Well-versed in small tasks
  • Reputable tradesmen

Residential Contracting Solution


Our premier home services accommodate any homeowners needs. Our desire is helping you make your house into a home.

Commercial Contracting Solution


Corey’s reputation for Utah’s Metal buildings, concrete placement and concrete removal is unmatched, just to name a few.


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